Young Lyons in Liverpool

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A remarkable letter has come to, a copy of an ancient memo written by a young Lyons in 1967 to his boss Clive Jenkins, when Lyons was a regional officer in Liverpool for the Asset union, a forerunner of the MSF and Amicus.

The letter is full of pathos: "I live in one furnished room in a miserable section of a dead city and have no friends" whines the young Lyons. "I find it very difficult to even try to make friends" [the old Lyons has since demonstrated quite an ability for making enemies].

Lyons is also positively rude about Liverpool: "Liverpool is depressing from a political, cultural and social point of view" [remember this was Liverpool in the Swinging Sixties: the Beatles ... the Cavern Club ....]

Youngs Lyons is also unhappy with his salary, some things never change...

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