To:        All MSF Staff

From:    ROGERLYONS.com Guerrilla Operations Network Of Workers


Date:     08/09/00

Re:        Web site www.rogerlyons.com

www.rogerlyons.com Special Staff Edition

For one week only this website has been customised for MSF Staff (Next week it will be replaced by a MSF MPs Special Edition).  Please visit it today, click here: www.rogerlyons.com


We have links to over 20 newspaper articles about Roger's expenses. If it's true that all MSF copies of the Tribune were shredded and the MSF subscription cancelled, you can find the article that caused it here.


If you worked with, knew or met Marcia Solomon you will find comprehensive coverage of her Employment Tribunal case against Roger here. If you want to see what Roger has been spending MSF money on click here.


You will also find information on this site written by ex AGS John Chowcat.


Lastly why not email your view to the National Executive Committee members who are meant to be the governing body of the union between Conferences. Click here: NEC Members but please quote your name.  Next week you will be able to email the MSF MPs directly from this site.


This site has had over 6 thousand hits and receives around 100 visitors a day. It is updated most days, please come back often and go straight to the new section.   We love feedback, email info@rogerlyons.com