Consultative Ballot Results, were the turnout figures rigged?



Lyons claimed the turnout was 22.1%, We have calculated the true figure at 16% based on membership figures courtesy of Roger Lyons and an MSF Press release:  "400,000 MSF members will go to the polls today" and a letter from Electoral Reform Ballot Services, not to mention MSF’s year 2000 return to the Government Certification officer claiming 404,741 members (with 26,311 of these homeless).   If the turnout was 22.1% then we only have 290,000 members.  Calculate it yourself, all the figures are below.


Only 14% of the members of MSF voted yes to either of the bland pro merger-ish questions.  The percentage voting yes to both will certainly be less, if we ever get that figure.  Results courtesy of a very smug NEC member Dave Houliston.


"Do you agree with the aims and values of the new union as set out in

Section 1 of the enclosed leaflet?"


                YES     :       57,962   (14% of the 400,000 membership*) (90.1% of the turnout)

                NO      :         6,354  (2.2% of the membership) (9.9% of the turnout)


"Do you agree with the democratic structure of the new union as set out in

Section 2 of the enclosed leaflet?"


                YES     :       57,693    (14% of the 400,000membership*) (89.9% of the turnout)

                NO      :         6,465    (2.2% of the membership) (10.1% of the turnout)


We are a part of the silent majority!  Of course the real scandal is the complete one sidedness of the campaign, with anti leaflets being banned and pro leaflets being included with the ballot paper, not to mention the disgraceful MSF Works magazines, all paid for with members’ money.


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