Is it childish to want to be

†††††††† in a union that doesnít spend £680,000 of members money trying to cover up outrageous and extremely odd behaviour?

†††††††† in a union that doesnít have a GS with such contempt for his members as to apparently charge them for his take-aways and a 25p bun?

†††††††† in a trade union that isnít corrupt from the top down?

Well maybe it is, but itís worth fighting for.

As for the Aeeu, well supporters of Roger should seriously ask themselves this question:Which is more important, Rogerís survival or the merger? There is no doubt that this issue will jeopardise your chances in November.

Is it important who would take over?The NEC didnít seem to think that when removing the 3 key lay officials of London Region, so much so that they went on to remove their 3 replacements.And they get paid £0.Donít give me the bosses line that there is a shortage of qualified people at £120,000 pa.

Please react to the facts on the website not the humour.


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Do you really think that this sort of childish personal attack is

a)†† in the true spirit of trade unionism?

b)†† helpful in the run up to a merger with AEEU?

c)†† useful in progressing the aims and objectives of MSF?

Who did you have in mind to take over from Roger by the way?

Arthur Taylor

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> A memo concerning the web site

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> MSF staff please read it.