To be honest I can't believe you have read the site.  It is almost all fact, legal documents, and press reports.  And a small amount of humour.  I find your blinkered attitude to corruption in general slightly depressing.  Please don't write to me again.




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From:    Dorothy Fogg (Bristol) []

Sent:    12 September 2000 21:54


Cc:       Marion Watson-Blake

Subject:            RE: All staff please read the attached memo


Mr Beaumont,


I find your use of the MSF e:mail network to be nothing less than

scandalous. If you have such totally unfounded opinions and quite slanderous

remarks to make without full knowledge of evidence please keep them to

yourself and do not attempt to send any further e:mails to me.


It is quite sad that you along with others feel the need to regurgitate

unfounded allegations, despite positive evidence that these are untrue. I

only hope that your life in the future and your obvious talents for gaining

access to company records rewards you in a more fitting way.


Dorothy C Fogg

MSF Regional Officer


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> Sent: 08 September 2000 10:12

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> Subject:            All staff please read the attached memo

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