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Last Updated on 23/11/00

Dear NEC members,

Dear NEC members,

Do you ever wonder if you are getting your fair share of the bun? Do you worry that your colleagues may be getting a bigger slice, especially given the recent press reports?

Well worry no more! has published all the NEC expenses, broken down by recipient, in easy to read graphical format. Congratulations to Bob Braddock who is easily top with a marvellous 5,701 pounds and 10 pence. Hope you declared that to Inland Revenue Bob!

Commiserations to those many NEC members who claimed nothing. If you are in that latter camp you may be pleased to know that the AEEU is much more socialist in this respect, just about all their NEC get a flat rate of around 1,300 a year.

The total of your NEC claims comes to a tiny 22,590 pounds and 63 pence (Source: MSF Returns to Certification Office). However the NEC costs are a whopping 255,000 pounds for 1999, 1/3 up on 1998. (Source: Notes to MSF Accounts). Does any lucky person know where the missing 232,409 pounds and 37 pence went to John?

David Beaumont


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