It has been brought to my attention that Roger Lyons is Jewish. I have also received hate mail. As a result I have changed the music on the site from 'If I were a rich man' from Fiddler on the roof to 'Money, Money, Money' by Abba, which surely no one can object to. Let me clearly state: I am not anti-semitic, this site is not anti-semitic and Fiddler on the roof is not anti-semitic. I chose the music because it fits humourously and accurately with the allegations of Roger Lyons fiddling expenses. I would have chosen it whatever Roger Lyons' religious beliefs. My branch (of which I am chair) is affiliated to Searchlight, I have asked them for a view of the original site.

Fiddler on the Roof, from a book by Sholom Aleichem is actually an anti anti-semitic work. The song 'If I were a rich man' can be found at Wed 'Find hundreds of ethnic, cultural and religious songs for your wedding day music'

UPDATED: read this New Zealand decision on a similar complaint


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