David Beaumont is wholly responsible for this site. I take care to maintain the accuracy of information on the site. Wherever possible information is provided by direct links to the source sites. It may not always be apparent that you are viewing a source site, nonetheless I am not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Where this is not possible I transcribe, translate, abbreviate, summarise, analyse or otherwise extract the information. Whilst I endeavour not to make mistakes in this process, some will be inevitable.

An integral part of this site is my assertion that the union or its officials has broken or is proposing to break requirements I think to be imposed by the union's rules, by other agreements or by the law. In particular they are in breach of requirements I think are in the union rule book, 1999 Annual Conference decisions and natural justice with regard to the disciplining of London Region Officers, including me. Also you will find on this site information that leads me believe that Roger Lyons has not followed MSF rules for claiming expenses.

This site takes considerable trouble not to libel anyone. It is rumoured that MSF lawyers trawl this site daily. I do not have access to an expensive libel lawyer to check my work. If anyone points out to me a possible libel I will remove it as soon as I can. I'm not a lawyer, if you are, I welcome comments on my site, email

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