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Practising the fiddle

ANNOUNCEMENT: At 10am Friday morning, in a coordinated operation, members of the ROGERLYONS.com Guerrilla Operations Network Of Workers emailed this memo to all MSF staff requesting them to visit this site.

To honour this action, this week the site is a SPECIAL EDITION dedicated to employees of MSF. It will remain this way for a week, whereupon it will be replaced by a SPECIAL EDITION FOR MSF MPs, accompanied by a mailshot to all 79 MSF Members of Parliament.

This page provides a one-stop resource for all public domain information about Roger Lyons. I take legal and disciplinary threats and hate mail seriously so please read this legal type notice and this music note.

Main Sections:
1. Introduction
2.Another round of redundancies? or a Nosh up at Chez Gerard
3. Roger in the Press Read about that Sticky Bun.
4. Marcia Solomon V MSF
5. Don't be Bullied
6. Roger and Chowcat
7. Roger's expenses
8. Tempted to blow? MSF Official line on whistleblowing

Thanks to everyone for sending in further revelations, in particular some internal union documents from which I have published extracts. However I still need more! All material is treated in strict confidence and I routinely delete all information that could identify the source. Please email whistleblower@rogerlyons.com.

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Is MSF a corrupt union?

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