Hate Mail received to date

Dear Dave

Read your website at rogerlyons.com

You are an anti-semitic racist and not fit to be in a trade union. Nazis like you created the climate of fear and oppresion that caused the holocaust.

What did your mother give birth to? A racist

Stop your evil campaign.

Searchlight have your name and will print it in due course.

Get back in the gutter where you came from.

How do you think Roger Lyons liked your use of Fiddler on the Roof? Do you think he wasn't hurt by your racist actions.

Of course you chose Abba because of their tutonic looks with blond hair and blue eyes. See, even your choice of music belies your right wing political beliefs. Seig Heil facist.

Can you see that your whole campaign is hateful.

I will look forward to debating this with you in person. We have our own network wait, see the outcome. You need removing from the ranks of good trade unionists.

Goodbye facist

From blackball@talk21.com

Please read this Musical Note for my response

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