Extract from a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL internal union report

"Detailed examination of the attached documents covering relatively short periods of time...points to evidence of..the use by R A Lyons of a union-reimbursed credit card to pay for personal and family expenditure on meals, groceries, alcohol, holiday travel and dining, electrical goods, books and other items."

"A number of purchases are described by R A Lyons as being for "Sustenance/Hospitality", presumably for legitimate entertainment of guests. However, he has used a separate heading, "Sustenance" to cover purchases totaling 2,757.90 and these are not described as related to "hospitality'. Of this total 877 has been spent in local takeaway restaurants, supermarkets and a Belgian chocolate shop in the immediate vicinity of his home in Finchley, principally at weekends, and including Good Friday and New Year's Day....The takeaway restaurants involved in the Finchley area are entirely inappropriate for entertaining any union guests. Furthermore, under the same heading, "sustenance", a total of 259.87 has been spent on alcohol, overwhelmingly at local off-licenses and wine merchants close to his home, with half of these purchases taking place at weekends or during the Christmas break"
H W Fisher & Co, the union's auditors.

Roger's expenses in detail

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