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The Great Bun Eater
The Great Bun Eater

On Friday 1st September the General Purposes and Finances Committee met to receive a report containing recommendations for cuts thought to be in the order of £3 million.

We’re told they got diverted with discussions about how to remove this website and how to discipline London Region lay members without breaking Natural Justice. Apparently the report wasn’t able to be taken. So instead they went for a slap up repast at the exclusive and expensive Chez Gerard

Typical first course at the restaurant includes "chicken liver pâté with toasted brioche, marinated salmon with dill mayonnaise, toasted goat's cheese with mixed leaves, white wine (Louis Latour Chardonnay from the Ardeche at £14.5)" And a free bun.

Ironically the major shareholder of Chez Gerard is Prudential. Here’s what the MSF website had to say about Prudential in June:

“Call centres where there is no union recognition are the worst for these practices and where employees are regularly sacked for underperforming. They also have very high turn over due to stress, these include the Prudential Bank”

Replace ‘underperforming’ with ‘whistleblowing’ and you can see they chose a very suitable place to nosh.


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